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Geoffrey Dashwood Dashwood Barn Owl 

Monumental Barn Owl, 2009 
Patinaed bronze
Milus E. Hindman Garden

Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph S. O'Connor 

Dashwood's Monumental Barn Owl presents a reduced, curvilinear approach to the form of the owl. With minimal lines and an unblemished surface, the bronze sculpture engages the viewer with its enigmatic gaze.

About the Artist:
Geoffrey Dashwood was born in Hampshire, England and studied at the Southampton College of Art. In the 1980s he discovered a gift and passion for sculpture. Dashwood began to experiment with larger life-size and monumental works, eliminating all superfluous details. He continued to create boldly modeled pieces, in smooth, pure forms, further enhanced in bronze by the application of colored and multi-colored patinas. In these sculptures he combines his own aesthetic ideals, establishing a distinctive style, which is now internationally recognized as being quintessentially Dashwood. His affinity for and empathy with birds and his ability to express these emotions to others through his sculpture is undisputed. His work is exhibited and collected worldwide.