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DEBRA BARRERA: Asymmetric Seekers

A new permanent art installation in the Brockman Hall for Physics is a large-scale screen-printed work that represents the history and evolution of scientific discovery. Culled from images that scientists and students create and work with in the course of their research, ‘Asymmetric Seekers’ presents colorful images that each correspond to a specific field of study within physics and astronomy.  

Houston-based artist Debra Barrera and master printmaker Carlos Hernandez created the installation after Barrera’s tenure as an Artist in Residence at the School of Physics and Astronomy. Barrera worked closely with students and faculty to obtain relevant imagery that pertains to ongoing research or to the history of science. From high energy astrophysics to nuclear and particle physics, Barrera researched the history and significance behind each image, transforming the imagery in conversation with Brockman Hall constituents.

The final selections were transformed into exquisitely detailed screen-printed images in partnership with Burning Bones Press master printmakers Carlos Hernandez and Patrick Masterson. The images were screen-printed with ink directly on three walls in the main stairwell of the Brockman Hall for Physics.  “My work and residence here at the department of Physics and Astronomy has led to a deeper understanding of what connects artists and scientists.” Barrera said in discussing her work at Rice. “We are ultimately excited by the same idea: making the impossible, possible.”  

For a full press release and video of Barrera's artistic process, click here.

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